The following links are to schools which you may find insightful and/or appropriate for your child.


School of Transformation

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The School of Transformation’s mission is to:

Rebuild self-esteem and restore confidence to motivate learners and to encourage a love for learning.

Help each child to identify his or her own goals and targets and challenge their own abilities without undue pressure.

Little Oaks Remedial School

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Little Oaks Remedial School is a new school established in the heart of Benoni Agricultural Holdings. Small classes are designed in order to allow each child the opportunity to learn and grow in their own time. We pride ourselves on a kind, loving and caring ethos through our teaching. The school focuses on special needs, specialising in the following areas:
ADHD | Apraxia | Dyspraxia | ASD – High Functioning | Delayed Learning

Pretoria Preparatory School

“The Pretoria Preparatory School provides quality education in a nurturing, multi-disciplinary environment. Teachers and therapists aim to meet the children’s educational, social and emotional needs, to encourage them to reach their full potential and, where appropriate, return to mainstream schooling.”

Edu Excellence

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EduExcellence is an exclusive private therapeutic remedial school situated in Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. This unique school concept provides much needed therapeutic remedial education to children struggling to learn, concentrate and function in large school setups (so-called ADD, hyperactive children).

Western Cape

Kensio House Academy of Therapeutic Learning

“Kensio House believes that because every child is unique in their thinking, exploring and learning process, we adapt our approach to suit each child’s need. We spare no effort in assisting them to become successful and valuable members of the world.”

Dunatos Private Remedial School

“Our school exclusively provides for children with special needs, who in mainstream cannot reach their full potential.

Oakley House

“OAKLEY HOUSE SCHOOL is an independent remedial school catering for those children who struggle to achieve their potential in a mainstream classroom.”

“We provide specialised teaching for children who have Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia or other specific learning difficulties.”

Abeille Ruche School

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Abeille Ruche School is situated in Monte Vista, Cape Town, offering academic and cultural excellence to our talented learners – who excel in closely controlled class sizes under the guidance and individual attention of experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers.

  • Bully-free zone
  • High academic standards
  • Individual attention
  • Focus on values & self-esteem
  • Christian approach
  • Professionally qualified, experienced teachers

With a firmly entrenched commitment to the development of each child in a faith based, personal and caring environment, Abeille Ruche School produces confident, happy, self-disciplined children with high academic grades.

Tafelberg School

We take pride in creating the ideal environment for our learners to thrive, do what they’re passionate about and experience success in all areas of academics. Through the provision of support and assistance, we are able to develop each learner; shaping them into the best possible version of themselves. Tafelberg School welcomes learners from all backgrounds and abilities with open arms.

Shelanti Private School

I wanted to create an environment where high standards are set, strict rules and norms apply, but in a safe environment where there is no judgement. An environment where each learner is accepted unconditionally and supported despite specific difficulties. Teaching learners life and thinking skills has always been my passion.