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A variety of ADHD related news articles, from scientific and informative to fun and light-hearted! 

Kids with ADHD take more time to be school-ready

Teenage drivers diagnosed with ADHD are significantly more likely to engage in rash driving, violate traffic rules and crash as compared to their contemporaries without ADHD, says a study.

Saffron may treat ADHD

Psychology graduate zooms in on ADHD research

Adult ADHD: Symptoms to look out for

ADHD in Adults: When accomplishments feel like accidents

Mylan launch Contramyl XR tablets (methylphenidate)

ADHD no barrier to earning PhD

ADHD Insight’s Jessica Cheesman shares her research on parental stress in families of children with ADHD.

South African musician uses music to navigate through his ADHD.

South Africa’s first adult ADHD guidelines released.

ADHD and anxiety: What’s the connection?


ADHD: Large imaging study confirms differences in several brain regions

Actress with ADHD: ‘Thanks Mum for drugging me’

Subtle Symptoms of ADHD in adults leaves condition underdiagnosed.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate at work? Fidgety and Forgetful? Have a look at this article…

 ADHD Causes Lifelong Problems 

Have a look at this article which discusses a study that has spanned over 30 years, examining various facets of individuals diagnosed with ADHD in  1975.. Thoughts?


Smooth Transition

Click on the link to read an interesting article on how researchers are helping University students with ADHD succeed.

Child Magazine “Mean Gene”

Check out an insightful article which I contributed to in Child Magazine (August). This article discusses the potential genetic link of ADHD. 

ADHD and Mood Swings

Have a look at the link for a brief yet interesting development into research being done on the connection between ADHD and mood swings. Thoughts?

Britney Spears launches ADHD website 

After pop icon Britney Spears revealed her controversial behavior while working for the X Factor, was due to ADHD, child health and behavior site has launched an initiative to help parents open up about the disorder.