You are invited to attend an ADHD Parenting Seminar in Durbanville on 30 October 2019 at 18:00.

The seminar is designed to provide you as a parent or tutor of an ADHD learner with an in-depth understanding of, and insight into, ADHD. Educational psychology intern, Jessica Cheesman, will teach you the skills and techniques you need for dealing with the issues that arise with ADHD children.

Jessica has completed her Masters in Educational Psychology and done research into ADHD within South Africa. She runs a support group and website for families of children with ADHD.

The seminar is aimed at parents of young learners (Grade R – Grade 6) but parents of older learners might also find the information helpful.

The talk will focus on the following:

Defining the different types of ADHD
Explaining what is going on in the brain of the ADHD child neurologically
How medications such as Ritalin work
Various parenting lessons including:
why you shouldn’t tell your ADHD child to sit still, stop fidgeting, etc,
how to engage and activate the ADHD brain,
how to keep your expectations as a parent realistic,
how to create structure and routine,
how to interact differently with your kids when admonishing them, and
how to build a relationship with your ADHD child.
The positives of ADHD
If you want to attend this informative talk, please send the proof of payment to before 25 October 2019 or make payment at the door.

Banking details

Beneficiary: FutureLearn Operations (Pty) Ltd
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Branch code: 250655
Account number: 62333318047
Reference: Surname ADHD Cape Town, e.g. Smith ADHD Cape Town

We look forward to seeing you there!

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