Abeille Ruche



The aim of this space is to highlight a specific school or organization whose work is creating a positive path for parents and children. The third school to be profiled is ABEILLE RUCHE. The following is an insightful interview with the principal of Abeille Ruche, Elizabeth Simpson.


  • How long have you been involved at Abeille Ruche? 

 I founded Abeille Ruche as a “home-school” in the front room of my home, with four pupils enrolled. The school is now in its eighteenth year and has closer to seventy pupils enrolled, but is still situated in a house and upholds the “home-school” ethos with which it started.

  • What are the requirements for children whose parents may want them to attend Abeille Ruche?

Children need to be academically on grade level. We will accept pupils who have concentration, anxiety or social integration difficulties, but we cannot accommodate pupils who have serious behavioural challenges.

  • What is a typical day in the life of a child at Abeille Ruche? 

 Pupils at Abeille Ruche start their day with Devotions, led by their teacher. They read from the Bible, pray and write an entry in their Bible diaries. Lessons are timetabled in one hour slots, which are broken down by the teachers and presented as small chunks with various activities. No bells ring, teachers keep an eye on the clock so that they know when to proceed to the next topic. Just before the scheduled break time, teachers allow pupils to take out their lunch and they all eat together at their desks. Pupils play outside for fifteen minutes and then return to class. A second break follows the same routine. After school pupils may attend extra-mural activities, proceed to Aftercare or go home.

  • What are the highlights of working at Abeille Ruche? 

 I love the close, nurturing environment where every child is treated as an individual and a fellow human being. We don’t believe in punishment or shaming our pupils, but in spending time building good relationships and if a child errs, he/she is corrected gently and spoken to kindly.

  • Do you have any advice for parents of children who are unsure of what school is best for their child?

 Do your homework by checking the websites of the schools you’re considering. When visiting the school, for the first time, request an interview during the school day and ask to see the classroom your child might be entering while the pupils are there. If possible, meet the teacher. Choose a school that reflects the values you hold dear at home.

  • How can people contact Abeille Ruche? 

Telephone: 021 5598902

Email: office@abeilleruche.co.za