About me

I am an Educational Psychologist registered with the HPCSA.  I graduated with a Masters in Educational Psychology from Stellenbosch University (Cum Laude). My masters thesis focused on the experiences of single mothers with ADHD who are also raising children with the same diagnosis. I have run various workshops about ADHD, teaching learners with ADHD, parental stress and communicating with your child with ADHD. I have written articles for various publications and spoken at the ADHD support group of South Africa (ADHASA) annual ADHD conference. I founded the West Coast ADHD SUpport group in 2019 which meets once a month.

I have always had a special passion for children with learning/emotional and behavioural barriers. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology (B.soc Sci.) at the University of Pretoria. During this time I began assisting grade three children with learning difficulties with reading skills and coordinating the after school homework classes. I also worked as a tutor for grade seven children who were hoping to go into mainstream high schools.

My experience at this remedial school was monumental and has shaped my interest in children with special needs. I completed my Honours degree in psychology at the University of Cape Town in 2009. My thesis focused on parental stress in families of children with ADHD. I felt very strongly about this topic and continued with this research for my Masters thesis in 2010 and 2011. I worked for 5 years as a facilitator for children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. In 2014 I completed my Postgraduate certificate in Education (Foundation Phase).

I met many amazing parents of children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. From my research I found that the level of stress parents of children with ADHD was statistically significantly high. Parents also lacked support and often just wanted to share their experiences, struggles and triumphs. I also noted that there was an urgent need for easily accessible information on issues relating to raising a child with barriers to learning in South Africa.

The parents I met are some of the most inspiring, strong willed and caring individuals I have ever met. Therefore this site is inspired by them!

I hope this site will assist all parents of children with special needs in some small way on their journey forward!

Please feel free to pop me an email any time!

Jessica Cheesman