The following links are to a variety of different organisations which are aimed at providing support to the ADHD community in various ways and are definitely worth a look:

The Maitland / Kensington ADHD Support Group

The Maitland / Kensington ADHD Support Group was formed in order to establish a community of support and inclusion for ADHD families in the surrounding areas and in doing so, hope to inspire open, welcoming discussions about mental health in our communities.

The support group meets once every quarter. They also have a Whatsapp support group and people may contact Leanne Summerton on: 082 899 1891, if they are looking for additional group support.

Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation

This initiative was proudly founded by psychiatrist Renata Schoeman (Goldilocks) and entrepreneur/athlete Nic de Beer (The Bear) and offers South Africa’s first non-profit ADHD screening and early intervention services in underprivileged communities. GB4ADHD aims to initially screen 500 children per month (of the estimated 200 000 in the Western Cape who currently have no access to such services) with plans to broaden the reach nationally.

Together, they are running to raise awareness for ADHD and raising funds for bringing mobile screening units to schools. With your help, they can ensure that all children with ADHD have access to the necessary support they need to develop to their full potential.

Child Magazine

I highly recommend this magazine to all parents. I have worked closely with this magazine and it is an invaluable resources for any parent. Child Magazine has become a sought-after resources for parents all over South Africa.

Living ADDventure

“The number one site in Southern Africa for ADHD Training, Coaching and Support.”

Polka Spot Early Intervention Centre

“The Polka Spot Mission is to maximize the potential abilities of children with differences in aspects of their development. We aim to optimise each child’s potential through multidisciplinary therapeutic intervention, providing Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutritional Advice and Psychological support as appropriate.”

Jozi Kids

Find what’s on offer for kids and families in Gauteng in this user-friendly online calendar and directory.  Whether it’s extra-mural activities, child-friendly restaurants, child care, party services, entertainment, furniture or great ideas for a day outing. There’s also an extensive daily calendar to help you plan your weekend or school holiday program. For more info or to advertise your company call 011 4824310.

Learner Facilitator and Tutor Network

The leftnetwork is a  group of trained learner facilitators and tutors (under ongoing, regular supervision of clinical and child psychologist, Willie Erasmus) that specialize in working with children with special needs, difficulties and differences. Their aim is to create a positive conducive learning environment that is optimal to an individual child’s development and educational needs, thus supporting them holistically in order for them to reach their full potential.  Facilitators can we requested through the website.


ADHASA is an organisation which is dedicated to provide support and information to families, therapists, teachers and caregivers interacting with ADHD children and adults. It also aims to ensure that every child in our country with ADHD has effective assistance while also staying up to date with the latest developments by liaising with local and international experts.