The aim of this space is to highlight a specific school or organization whose work is creating a positive path for parents and children. The first school to be profiled is one very close to my heart… PRETORIA PREPARATORY SCHOOL


I am very proud of the amazing work which is done at PPS.. I may be slightly biased as my mother happens to be the principal of PPS. I took a few minutes to chat with Pamela Cheesman, the principal of PPS to gain some INSIGHT into the school she so dearly loves.

What is the school motto?

Perseverance Progress Success

How do you think this motto is integrated into the school?

We encourage children to do what is THEIR personal best. We also enforce that if they keep on trying and do not give up they will make progress and experience  success. 

What is a typical day in the life of a child at PPS?

While following the national scholastic curriculum, allowances are made for each child’s specific strengths and challenges. During the course of the school day children will have therapy such as occupational and speech therapy according to their individual needs. Children are encouraged to take part in the schools diverse extramural programme. 

How long have you been involved at PPS?

About 15 years. Initially as a relief teacher and then as a grade 5 teacher and finally as principal.

What are the requirements for children whose parents may want them to attend PPS?

There is an initial multidisciplinary assessment by the assessment team at the school, following which recommendations are made to the parents which might include placement at PPS. Generally children who attend PPS have average or above average scholastic potential but are not achieving in a mainstream setting due to various learning difficulties. 

What are the highlights of working at PPS?

Working with a community of individuals who show real spirit and commitment. It is also very rewarding because the children are so responsive and enthusiastic.

Do you have any advice for parents of children who are unsure of what school is best for their child?

I think a good idea is to get an independent assessment, to speak to other parents and to visit as many schools as possible in order to get a sense of what the schools offer.

How can people contact PPS?

Through our website, the ISASA website or by contacting the school telephonically.